Murder, She Wrote is an American crime drama series and one of the most iconic shows of its time – of all time, in fact! The series ran from 1984 to 1996 and held the title as THE longest running crime series before being overtaken by CSI Crime Scene Investigation in 2013.

The Great Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE


The great Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE, stars as Jessica Beatrice Fletcher (aka JB Fletcher), an enthusiastic (or nosey and intrusive – subject to interpretation) amateur sleuth and successful author of mystery novels. Jessica was a local high school English teacher in Cabot Cove, Maine. When we first meet her, it appears that she’s since retired from teaching after being recently widowed, taking to writing to help her cope with her grief of losing her husband, Frank Fletcher.

As the series progresses, Jessica becomes a successful and a prolific mystery writer, with her books being adapted for film, stage and even a video game. She travels all over the world for various talks, events and visits to her many, and sometimes equally successful and high-profile friends and family. With her incredible attention to detail, she becomes well known among law enforcement as a “meddler”, or an assest (again, subjective to interpretation) in solving the murders that just happen to occur around her. Later in the series, Jessica goes back to teaching as a university lecturer in Creative Writing and Criminology.

Each episode in the series follows a similar structure:

  • The murder of a usually disliked character occurs and Jessica is always somehow involved and on the odd occasion, even implicated
  • The bumbling and inept law enforcement arrest the wrong, but most obvious character. This person is usually a friend or relative of Jessica’s or an underdog she’s recently befriended
  • Using her impectable attention to detail, Jessica of course goes onto successfully solve the case. This sometimes happens after her memory is triggered by a seemingly ordinary occurrence that helps her connect the missing link
  • All is then revealed through a confession from the murderer, or an explanation from Jessica – cue smiles and/or laughter/cheesy joke, roll credits, the end!


I’m Barbara, and in case you haven’t noticed, I love everything Murder She Wrote (MSW)! I’m a huge fan of the series and Jessica Fletcher; from her sense of style, her unassuming manner, her polished witticism and comebacks, and even down to where she lives (despite the high murder rate). I especially admire the fact that despite her celebrity staus and high profile friends, she’s still very down to earth.

I began watching re-runs of the show on TV during the last terimester of my pregnancy. Sat at home, bored and with little else to do I was enthralled by Jessica and aspired to be just like her when I was “old” – minus her widowhood, lack of children and of course the muders that occur around her, and all inspite of the fact that I don’t possess a shred of the patience it would require to even attempt writing a novel!

But being a MSW fan has been a lonely existence. The series first aired before I was even conceived, so I haven’t come across many people around my age with an interest in it. I managed to get my mother-in-law into the series, but she only ever cared about what Jessica was wearing and if she bothered to watch close enough to realise that someone died whenever Jessica was around, she’d feel superstitious and stop watching altogether! My daughter calls me “old” and “cringe” and feigns interest in the most sarcastic way possible whenever I talk about the show. My parents have long since stopped caring or trying to understand my fascination with the show. My brothers laugh. Friends tell me I need to “get out more” and my husband just rolls his eyes after getting fed up with the “pixelated quality” of the picture and Jessica’s constant “interference” – he gave up trying to watch the show after 2 episodes.

So in my search for fellow fans, I came across a surprising number of sites related to the show; some of which I’ve added under Jessica’s Web. But none of these sites really encompassed everything about the show – and it’s easy to see why – 12 seasons, 264 episodes and 4 movies! So I’ve decided to give it a try! A mammoth task, I know, but one I’m determined to complete!

This will include:

  • Episodes – Yes, a summary of all 264 episodes (bear with me)!
  • Where in the World – A list of places Jessica has visited and why
  • Dress like Jess – her fashion and where you can buy some of her clothing from
  • Mrs Fletcher’s Kitchen – The food she cooks and eats, along with the recipes
  • Guest stars – All the guest stars that have appeared on the show
  • Characters – This will focus mainly on the reoccurring ones
  • Cabot Cove – My attempt at mapping out this fictional New England town
  • Jessica’s Web – Funny and interesting MSW content from around the web
  • Funny Quotes – Some of the dialogue is just hilarious (well, it is to me!)
  • Fun Facts – There a lot of interesting facts about the show and I’ll try and get as many as possible

To begin with, content will be a little sparse, but I hope you’ll understand why and have a little patience with me. In the meantime, you can subscribe to receive the latest posted content and also share this site with fellow MSW fans and add comments and suggestions so we can get some discussions going!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me! 😃